Advanced Orthopaedics Hernia Belt SUGGESTED HCPC: L8310 • Removable and adjustable pads • Discreet • Double belt 0 stars, based on 0 reviews 0 5

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Hernia Belt

Hernia Belt
Hernia Belt

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Hernia Belt

Model Number: 493-495-497

• Removable and adjustable pads
• Discreet
• Double belt
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Manufacturer: Advanced Orthopaedics
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INDICATIONS: Helps to reduce pain and discomfort of hernia bulging by applying resistive pressure over the location.

HOW TO APPLY: Includes removable left and right loam pads. II treating a single hernia, remove the unneeded pad from the support. Unhook the leg straps from the base and undo one side of the waistband. Position the support and pad on the affected area and fasten the waist strap. Adjust both sides of the waist strap evenly. Pull the waistband to obtain desired position and compression. Pass the leg straps through the legs and through the loop buckle on the front of the base, secure the hook and loop closure on the leg strap. Ensure the leg straps are comfortable and not twisted. To remove, undo one side of the waist strap and step out of the support like trousers, with the leg straps still securely fastened.

SUGGESTED HCPC: L8310 (Click Code to View PDAC Letter)

Suggested HCPC: L8310


Body Part: Pelvis

Colors: White

Gender: N